Current affairs

ISO6312 in revision
The revised form of the test specification for the shear test is currently at ISO. [more]

New automation system for friction testers
Based upon the wide spread DOS-automation software the system RWINNT is now available. Several machines have already been updated. Since 2011 it is included as standard in new machines [more]

Friction material

Our friction testers are designed to test various friction materials of the following sectors:

  • bicycles
  • karts, quads
  • motorbikes
  • passenger cars
  • trucks
  • rail vehicles etc.

In the tests there are determined the friction coefficients between the brake pads and the brake disks of different material under different temperature conditions.

Our machines are classified in two groups:

  • Friction testers being used in the quality control for production release of the test pieces.
  • Inertia dynamometers being used in research and development. They can simulate flywheel masses.

Product overview

Test equipment for quality test as per ECE-R90
  Friction tester
Technical data
  Compressibility Tester
Technical data
  Shear tester
Technical data
Test equipment for R&D / NVH-tests
  Inertia Dynamometer
RWDC130C with belt drive
Technical data
  Inertia Dynamometer
with direct drive
Technical data